Friday, March 15, 2019

Encounters of the Shamanic Kind

The upcoming Shamans Camp 2019 requires so much time that starting March 21st 2019. Encounters of the Shamanic Kind will only be held once per month - the 3rd Thur of the month. Sign up at www.ShamanicArts.Center.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

One Pane of the Jahari Window

People can be very advanced in one area of their lives and all messed up in another. Be  mindful that - just because you can clearly see someone's failings in one area of their life doesn't mean they aren't able to clearly see your failings in another. It's that pane of the Jahari Window where people know things about you that you don't know about yourself.

Call for Storytellers

We need storytellers to read or tell stories for our new podcast on We envision an ongoing and fluid podcast featuring readings from both non-fiction and fiction books, poetry and shamanic stories. If you have stories to tell or would like to read for our podcast we'd love to have you. Call Julia at 970-200-LOVE.

Sacred Cannabis Ceremony

Join Dr. Robert Sullivan (Chi) March 16th at 3:30pm as he guides us in developing a new and deeper connection with the sacred teacher plant, Cannabis. Whether you are a experienced cannabis user or have never tried this plant medicine before, these wisdom teachings will be transform your relationship to the spirit and plant world.

For many of us, it's tricky learning how to work with the cannabis plant as a spiritual ally. A number of factors can influence the short and long term spiritual effects of cannabis: dosage, strain, frequency of use, attitude toward the plant, the specific setting, one’s state of mind. The most important factor is the ability to quiet the monkey mind and allow inner peace and connection. The sacrament cannabis will be offered by smoking and/or in an infused liquid. You must be 21 to attend this ceremony. Love offering. Potluck meal to follow.

Please be prepared: Come hydrated & nourished with healthy food

Wear comfortable loose clothing

Ceremony etiquette: quiet, respectful, gentle in thoughts, words, actions

Bring: Potluck dish to share, water bottle, smudge sticks, any other ceremonial items you wish to bring (i.e., crystals, talismans, etc.)

Limited number of openings, please RSVP by text to 970-404-1829 for the address.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Let it rain- Eric Clapton.

We are celebrating all the beautiful water we've been blessed with in the North
Fork Valley. Water is life. Come celebrate with us tonight at the Shamanic Arts Center in Hotchkiss.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Magical Mystical Experiences with a Wisdom Teacher

The following shamanic experiences are available for booking.

Painting as Meditation - Lose your attachment to your ego & to the product and immerse yourself in color and ritual painting at the easel. No experience needed, all supplies are provided. You will be working on an ongoing painting one that other artists have worked on and which - when completed - will be auctioned in support of the Traveling Shamans.

Making Plant Medicines – You will learn how to make sacred plant medicine (from your own plant material) tinctures or infusions at the Shamanic Arts Center in Hotchkiss.

Guided Cannabis Journey - This one-day retreat will teach you how to use cannabis to enhance custom-chosen mind-expanding practices.You will choose from a number of activities that we can arrange and that we envision based on an interview & journeying with you.

Many details vary depending on number of participants and appropriate venue desired. Schedule a Visit with Julia to discuss details.