Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Event Reminder List

Aloha Shamanic Arts Center Tribe - Our event reminder list has become unworkable.  We are having to generate a new event reminder list with a new service. If you would like to be on that list, please sign-up on the main website at www.ShamanicArts.Center.  Mahalo, Julia - Shaman Whisperer @ The Shamanic Arts Center in Hotchkiss, Colorado.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The History of the Building of our Drums, Rattles and other Tools by Susanne Humaidan

The way we build our drums and rattles is the shamanic way which includes a combination of craftsmanship and working with the spirits through every process. We maintain these shamanic way during creation of every Tool we make. Most of our drums are Oval and both the shape of the drum, the use of pinns to hold the hide, and the combination of handcraft and shamanic practice is inspired by the old Sami / Sibirian tradition.

Our first Step is, to find the right Tree in the forest - asking "in silence" and with gratitude for permission to cut.  Back home we cut the tree into big planks. These have to store almost a year before we cut them up into the size for making frames. When we get to the process of bending the wood into circular or Oval shaped frames - we have a ritual and journey asking for help in the process. The Frames now have to rest again for 2 - 3 months - to get used to the shape - and to keep from twisting - on their way to become drums.

The reindeer hide we pick up in the North. Our hide has never been dried, as this is the best way to keep the smoothness of the hide, until it is used.

Some years ago Erik was going to cut firewood of an enormous old Elm tree, that had given in to the ”Dutch elm disease".  Before working on a steep slope with chain saw and axe he asked for protection. During the process of cutting this old tree into firewood he one day in a brake sat down and counted the year rings in the stump......... 127 years old.......... long before we were born! 

A month later he could cut the last piece of firewood. Having done this he sat down on the stump thanking for the protection and tried to get in connection with the spirit of the tree.
Suddenly an old, slight, round-shouldered woman dressed in black with a black scarf appeared and he understood from her that he could thank and honor her/the tree by building some of this fantastic 127 years old wood into our drums - and preserve the elm energy around us so the Elm can find “its way back “ when the disease is over. This is the story - why every drum we build has one pin of the old Elm tree.

Some years later we found a Birch Tree which  was struck by lightening . The power of the lightening – “A powerful meeting between Mother Earth and Father Heaven”  is so incredible strong that we decided to use some of the lightening struck wood in our tools somehow ... Hereafter we made the decision to make pins for the drums and to give every new drum one pin of this powerful wood as well. Also some of the other tools has been made with branches from this tree. – You can find a picture of the tree on our website on the page “The Shaman Tools”

Until now we have only made the preparations for the drum building. We build our drums one at the time: From this point we have our individual rituals and journeys while working on a drum - or rattle.

We work together with our spirit helpers and power animals connecting to the spirit of the tree that gave its body to the frame, as well as the spirit of the reindeer that delivered the hide. We ask for help to make the best unity between the frame and the hide. - Sometimes ... An owl or a raven - moves into / ensouls one of our drums - That explains how you can have a raven drum made out of reindeer hide!

The handles for drums as well as for the rattles we find walking in nature. Often we find a unique piece of wood for a rattle or a drum right in front of our feet. 

The majority of the drums are made by Erik. - Where I Susanne, often highlights the spirits that shows itself in the hide and sometime I make a drum from scratch. Mostly I´m  focused on creating the rattles, the feather fans, the talking / healing sticks and the power jewelry.

My process when creating a Rattle - or any of the other tools involves a deep shamanic connection with the spirit world - and the different spirits within the material .... Spirit of the wood, spirits of the hide, spirits of the feathers - as well as the essence or symbolic meaning of Seeds, Crystals and Stones or the meaning of using Bones or Seashells. 

All this is an incredible process for me, where I immerse / journey into the material ... or where the spirits of the material talk to me ... Meaning ie. that sometimes a Rattle will ask me for a special filling or feather.The unite of the different materials causes a transformation. The melting together of the material is "The birth of a new Essence" ... and the tool comes to life.  
We experience, that people choose our tools by tuning in to the energy that the tools present on the photos - on our website.

If people have special whishes, we do offer to make "Special orders" ... When I make a special order for a person - my work expand to include this person by tuning into - Him or Her. This work is somehow equate to a Claivoyance except here the purpose is mainly to guide me in creating the shamanic tool that will support this person on His / Her path.  
Here I offer people to call me on the Phone. Or at least I will need to see a Photo of the person for whom I am working.

When it comes to special made Drums ...Erik and I work together combining our skills :-)  
The Animal parts - Feathers as well as Hide, Fur used in our creations are not killed for the purpose of making these tools.

With best regards  Erik and Susanne 

Friday, October 18, 2019

Can St. Francis of Assisi Save Our Divided World Today? by James Twyman

Set aside your computer for a moment and see if you can guess who wrote these words: “I made a mistake. Without doubt, an oppressed multitude had to be liberated, but our method only provoked further oppression and atrocious massacres. What was really needed…were ten Francis of Assissi’s.”

I love asking this question and I’m not surprised when people give credit to revolutionary characters like Gandhi or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. When I tell them they’re wrong their answers become even more interesting - Napoleon, George Washington, etc. “How about John Lennon?” someone recently asked. “You’re close,” I said, “but only because their names sound similar.

The answer is Lenin, not Lennon - the architect of the Russian Revolution, Vladimir Lenin.” Lenin? Is it possible that the communist leader who referred to religion as “medieval mildew” and called the clergy “gendarmes (French policemen) in cassocks” had fallen in love with a twelfth century Italian mystic who gave everything he owned to the poor in order to live the Gospel of Jesus as perfectly as he could? Clearly St. Francis has inspired millions of people for more than eight hundred years, to the point that statues of the saint occupy gardens everywhere you look today, but how did an atheist like Lenin become so enthralled? Maybe Lenin has something to teach all of us in this regard. The end of the quote is: “What was really needed in Russia were ten Francis of Assissi’s,” but we could just as easily substitute that in our own world today - and it would be just as true.

Maybe that’s what we need right now - ten people who are so committed to peace, they can lead our divisive world back to a place where we can discourse civilly -- and put cooperation ahead of self-interest? Does it sound like a ridiculous dream in the world of bullying, fake news and racist attacks? When you know a little about the history of Europe, especially at the time of St. Francis, you realize things weren’t that different - the pope was at odds with the Holy Roman Emperor, city states were constantly at war with other city states, and tension between the very rich and the very poor was at an all-time high. Which leads to the question Vladimir Lenin seemed to be asking - Are we trying to solve the problems of the world with the same thinking that got us into trouble? If so, maybe ten radical people like St. Francis of Assisi are enough to turn things around.

Margaret Mead famously said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” Was Mead’s thinking influenced by St. Francis when he wrote: “Pure, holy simplicity confounds all the wisdom of this world?” When you examine the current direction of the world --especially politically-- it’s easy to agree that the current wisdom isn’t so wise, so maybe thinking outside the box isn’t such a bad idea.

Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has taken considerable heat for challenging the status quo. She encourages us to “love with conviction” and “wage peace,” the same ideas St. Francis would have expressed if he was alive today. But at least she is willing to stand for these ideas on a national stage, inching these concepts forward, planting seeds in the minds of people who may not have viewed the world from this perception.

So I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring, but not as a Presidential candidate. I want to take up the challenge issued by Lenin and become one of the ten St. Francis’s needed to turn the world around. Here are a few things I’ll need to do if I’m to accomplish my goal: Be willing to give everything for love; think less about my own comfort and more about the well being of others; and finally, challenge my own limiting beliefs and be willing to see everyone through the eyes of love. If I can do that, even in some limited way, maybe others will make a similar decision and step forward in their own way.

All I need are nine more. St. Francis’s example directly challenged the powers that ruled Europe eight hundred years ago, and yet his vision is celebrated today. He lived at the end of what we now call the Dark Ages, but he was also one of the inspirations that initiated the Renaissance, an era of great light and creativity. Is it possible that hundreds of years from now people will look back at this time in a similar way, calling it another Dark Age? And if they do, will they also celebrate the few dedicated people who stepped forward just as St. Francis did? Are we on the cusp of a New Renaissance?

James Twyman, bestselling author of Giovanni and the Camino of St. Francis, will bring his stirring new musical on St. Francis Brother Sun, Sister Moon to Broadway on February 20-March 1, 2020 And with the beloved saint as his model—he will travel a continent penniless, on foot and with whatever food, housing and further transportation that God will provide to get him there, presenting the play in 10 cities along the way. Twyman is also the NY Times bestselling author of 15 other books including The Moses Code and Emissary of Light. He has also recorded more than 18 music albums including the Billboard chart bestseller I AM Wishes Fulfilled along with Dr. Wayne Dyer; as well as produced or directed seven feature films. For more information on Twyman, and the Brother Sun, Sister Moon Musical Tour stops and performances-- and Giovanni and the Camino of St. Francis--visit: . For more information on the St. Francis musical and tour visit:

James Twyman will be appearing on Talk Story Media on Oct. 30 at 10am.  Join us for his interview and open mic discussion for 30 minutes following that interview @

Monday, September 9, 2019

Selene Calloni Williams Talks Story

Selene Calloni Williams talks to us about the subject matter of her new book. In this spiritual and philosophical guide, initiate Williams shares the healing practices and spiritual exercises of the Mother Mantra tradition. She explains how these practices bypass the thinking mind to access our higher spiritual consciousness, allowing us to awaken to the dream nature of reality and release us from all fear. 

Williams details the exercises and practices of the four-part Mother Mantra: The first series, which dissolves the constructs of the ego; the second, which invokes ancient spirits and deities for their aid in this endeavor; the third, where we experience a divine androgynous tantric union to transcend sexual identity and spiritually fuse with the divine; and the fourth, where the first three rituals are combined to unlock an expanded state of consciousness and a true seeing of the complexity of both the visible and invisible worlds.

The author also describes the practice of the Egyptian mantra, a soul-making ceremony that unites the initiate with the Chthonian realms and attracts wealth and abundance, and the Mystical Marriage Mantra, which opens a path to authentic transformation and rebirth. Additionally, Williams presents five spiritual rituals, including yogic poses and exercises, that can be incorporated into daily life to allow divine communication through the chakras, awaken the mind and body from the aging process, and reestablish the universal balance between humanity and the divine.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Shaman Marc Mallat from Lebenon Hotchkiss, Colorado

Shaman, transpersonal psychotherapist and creator of the Dimensional Awareness Process Marc Mallat is coming from Lebanon September 20th.  He is traveling half way across the globe to present his process to the practitioners and students of shamanism in Hotchkiss, Colorado.

Mallat is offering his Dimensional Breathing ™ (DB), workshop in Hotchkiss for a token fee in support of the Traveling Shamans and their mission to raise the consciousness vibrations of all beings with us here on Grandmother Earth.

According to Mallat, Dimensional Breathwork™ (DB), is inspired from different types of breathwork modalities and is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing which integrates insights from modern consciousness research, anthropology, various depth psychologies, transpersonal psychology, psychotherapy techniques such as EMDR and hypnotherapy, eastern spiritual practices and mystical traditions of the world.

The process itself uses very simple means: It combines accelerated breathing with evocative music in a special set and setting. With the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses their own breath and the music in the room to enter an expanded state of consciousness. This state activates the natural inner healing process of the individual’s psyche, bringing him or her a particular set of internal experiences.

With the inner healing intelligence guiding the process, the quality and content brought forth are unique to each person and for that particular time and place. While recurring themes are common, no two sessions are ever alike. Additional elements of the process include focused bodywork, self- regressions, eye movement processing and desensitizing, circle sharing, grounding meditations and mandala drawings.

DB is conducted in groups and individually. Within the groups, people work in pairs and alternate in the roles of “breather” and “sitter”. The sitter’s role is simply to be available to assist the breather, not to interfere or interrupt the process.

Marc Mallat is a transpersonal psychotherapist, corporate trainer, and creator of the groundbreaking therapeutic healing process – the Dimensional Awareness Process. He has over 30 years of experience in personal development training, acquiring “hands-on” knowledge and practical expertise in several different types of psychotherapies, healing and behavioral change methods. He has dedicated himself to intense “inner work” and continuous, never-ending improvement. Mallat is the CEO of Progressions Group—a company specialized in classical corporate trainings, life coaching, personal development, transpersonal psychotherapy, and energetic healing modalities.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Shamans Camp 2019 and Beyond

Shamans Camp 2019 was an amazing and fun event, and we're looking to 2020. The date has already been set for August 21-23, 2020. It will once again be held at the Fairgrounds in Hotchkiss, Colorado.

The Camp continues to be sponsored by the Shamanic Arts Center in Hotchkiss, Colorado. If you are interested in presenting a ceremony, program or workshop (and getting a free special programs ticket), please contact Julia and Mike Widdop at 970-200-LOVE, or email

Heart of the Dragon in Paonia, Colorado is a new sponsor for 2020 and Kata and Michael will be organizing the vendors for the 2020 Camp. If you'd like to be a vendor or reader for Traveling Shamans Camp 2020, please contact them at 970-527-3833, or email to get on their roster of vendors.

We are looking to fill the following volunteer positions.
  • Entertainment Coordinator - Would book and schedule entertainment programs. This is a demanding position and will receive a stipend. Will be asked to find and book a volunteer DJ and performers.
  • Documentation Coordinator - Will coordinate photographers, videographers, & journalists. 
  • Photographer/Videographer - We would like to have more than one person in this position to record performances, programs, and vendors. 
  • Podcast Journalist - Will interview vendors, performers, and presenters in advance of the camp.
If you are interested in one of these positions, or know someone who would be, please email qualifications to

Planning sessions will be on Second Monday of each montn at 7pm at Maloney House at the Fairgrounds in Hotchkiss, Colorado. 970-200-5683. Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

It by Naked Bear

Modules and chunks they come in hunks
Firm nodules they are, hanging onto my being
Some invisible to me now, others each with their own story
A scalpel of awareness slices them open for me to see
In my head scientific observation only gets me so far
A sitting with, a willingness, to see the dissection in whole and in parts,

((Kahlil Gibran , we stop to honor you here))

and feel the pieces within the midst of my heart,

and feel the intertwining energies that hold the unscalpled nodules together as one.

The most poignant energies I fear are fear and hate

An alchemical melding to love is the path I'm on

My stake is firmly in this ground
but why can't I speak up?

Are the dissected and undissected nodules still at the helm steering my wheel

What energy has such powerful grip

The slices of fear I do not understand

This cauldron of sliced pieces I stir round and round

Why am I bound, where am I bound,

I am bound to your heart

Drawn to your heart is where I am

Your nodules become my nodules
As we alchemically bind

Your heart fulfills my heart
As our energies intertwine

A radiance grows
A relaxation ensues

As divine mother enters our lives
As Yahweh seeks us
As Buddha cries out
As Shiva and Shakti dance among us
As powerful plant medicines arrive at our doors
As the radiance of the Moon and the Sun keeps us twinkling -

We meld our hearts we do