Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sacred Cannabis Ceremony -4/20

Join Dr. Robert Sullivan (Chi) as he guides us in developing a new and deeper connection with this sacred teacher plant, Cannabis. Whether you are a experienced cannabis user or have never tried this plant medicine before, these wisdom teachings will be transformative in your relationship to the spirit and plant world.

For many of us, it's tricky learning how to work with the cannabis plant as a spiritual ally. A number of factors can influence the short and long term spiritual effects of cannabis: dosage, strain, frequency of use, attitude toward the plant, the specific setting, one’s state of mind. The most important factor is the ability to quiet the monkey mind and allow inner peace and connection. The sacrament cannabis will be offered by smoking and/or in an infused liquid. You must be 21 to attend this ceremony. Love offering. Potluck meal to follow.

Please be prepared:
Come hydrated & nourished with healthy food
Wear comfortable loose clothing
Ceremony etiquette: quiet, respectful, gentle in thoughts, words, actions
Bring: Potluck dish to share, water bottle, smudge sticks, any other ceremonial items you wish to bring (i.e., crystals, talismans, etc.)